E-Group Services

Group Insurance Customer desiring to know of information on benefits according to Health Insurance ID Card (Gold) can check them on Generali365 Application by just entering into Service and then choosing Group Insurance Customer by pressing Policy Information and then choosing benefit information. Hence, you can easily check for information throughout 24 hours without any need to pick up your Card to view.


Group Insurance Policy Customer can check information through Generali 365 as follows:
1. Information on the Policy, benefits and details identical to Health Insurance ID Card (Gold Card).
2. Remaining Policy benefits and claim status.
3. Searching for hospitals and clinics in network of more than 400 places.

Downloading and registering Generali 365 to be with you for use throughout 24 hours.

Contact Details for Generali 365 information

Telephone No.: 02-612-9888, press 2 (Monday-Friday, 08:30 hours – 20:00 hours).
E-mail: generali365@generali.co.th
Line ID: @generali365 Add Line
Facebook: Generali 365 Click.
Mobile Application: Generali 365 (Free download both Android and iOS) Download.

Remarks: Application supporting Android at Version 4.4.0 and iOS 8.0 upwards only.

E-Group Service Instruction Manual