A Firmly Established Life Insurance Leader in Thailand

Generali Thailand stands as one of the most firmly established and financially stable life insurance and assurance companies in Thailand.

Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., and Generali Insurance (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., were founded in September 2002 with the business cooperation of Assicurazioni Generali Group and Tantipipatpong family.

In the over ten years that we have been operating in Thailand, we have created a network that includes over 400 doctors, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers that is second to none in the country.

We have also been offering life assurance policies providing welcome security to countless individuals and businesses all across Thailand.
The basic foundation of international expertise and stability of the Generali Group and the availability of a network of medical services in Thailand have made us one of the most outstanding and progressive insurance companies in the country. This includes the status of being a stable and distinctively mature financial institution in Thailand.

Generali Thailand offers creative and diversified products both in the aspect of life assurance and insurance in order to respond to the needs of customers, both individually and within the company group.

On the topic of life assurance, we have a product relating favorably to the savings earned. We have life assurance plans for individuals that offer coverage for all family members. Our Group Life Assurance Plan is designed to provide coverage to the employees of companies.

In the insurance facet of our business, we have coverage plans for both individuals and businesses. In addition, the coverage plans are diversified in order to respond to varying risks. All these offers are made because we are firmly determined to be a company creating the utmost satisfaction for our customers. Our customers are the vital core of all aspects of our work.

Generali Thailand serves as the insurer of many world-class company groups who are more than satisfied with our rapid and excellent services. These companies include; Pepsi-Cola, Philips Electronics, Auto Alliance, Starbucks Coffee, DHL Express International, Microsoft, Google, and many others.

We have earned the trust and reliance of these major international brand names due to the quality of our products, our well-established stability, and the vast network of healthcare providers we can offer.

Generali Thailand is proud to be considered one of the foremost ranked insurers providing group insurance in the country. We take the responsibility that accompanies our status seriously. We have made a commitment to always provide the very best in life assurance and life insurance policies designed to benefit the residents of Thailand.