Generali “Protect Your Love” Campaign

Generali Thailand continually gears towards the branding campaign by launching the second episode of TV advertising in 2016 under the concept of “Generali…Protect Your Love” after the successful launch of its first episode namely, “Dad’s Secret.” The clip gained over a million of viewers after being released online only for a few weeks in last year. This year, the campaign of Protect Your Love Ep. 2 is elaborated from the insight of the millennial parents, aiming to make them to rethink whether they have provided sufficient love and care for their children’s bright future, with the goal set for premium retail customer expansion.


Ms. Patcharin Tanchaiekkul, Chief Marketing Officer and Corporate Brand Management, stated that in 2016, Generali continues its branding campaign under the concept of “Generali…Protect Your Love.” The first phase of the campaign will put its focus on building the emotional value, which is one of Generali’s strategies to differentiate us from other insurance companies. Evidently, all Generali’s TVCs are inspired from unrealized “consumer insights”, that is “an insurance application would take place when we love someone substantially.” Hence we would wish to make the best preparedness in providing care and protection for our loved ones since we cannot be by their sides for good. It is true that unexpected events may come our way. Generali therefore wishes to make customers realize and value the insurance application so that their loved ones would not undergo the hardship when you can no longer look after them. They would not have to take the financial burden incurred. In addition, it is also the assurance for their future that enabling them to carry on their lives smoothly.

With regard to the branding campaign, we employ the digital media as the main channel of communication by targeting new-age parents aged 30 years and above who are mass urban affluent, through the “Experimental Film”, namely “The Final Gift”. Remarkably, this is the first time for insurance TVCs filming the true reaction without any prepared script or storyboard. Our TVC is the outcome of collaboration from the creative team and country’s leading TVC Director. Our challenge is not only the filming but also editing and sequencing real stories and speeches of over hundreds of hours. This campaign is launched through the online channel, digital billboard and BTS station media in order to efficiently and clearly communicates with “Urban Mass Affluent”, the key target group. The TVC storyline portrays the interviews of many families leading different ways of life; however, they do have one thing in common; parents can well memorize “the Gifts” they carefully choose for their children, whom they love the most. The TVC then twists with one unexpected question, making viewers to rethink on the circumstance. You can see such impressive TVC and find out what question those families were asked from 7 September onwards.

Ms. Patcharin also added that “Protect Your Love” slogan has the deeper meaning beyond the importance of insurance application as it furthermore means the realization on the value of what you love whether they are things or persons, regardless of what price they are. If they have sentimental value they should be cherished and protected well to last as long as it can possibly be. Accordingly, each product of Generali is designed to best meet the changing demand of each consumer group. You can see that “Protect Your Love” slogan not only communicates on the life insurance but also other insurance types such as health, car, accident or even the insurance product protecting the love for yourself. All is to enable you to better love yourself. In this connection, the annuity Insurance is one of Generali’s products launching along this campaign.

Ms. Kamolwan Imruthaicharoenchok, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Financial Institute Business and Small Business Development Department, revealed that presently people start to work at older age but tend to retire earlier at 55 years not at 60 years as previously. Therefore, the income generating duration is shorter, while the post-retirement period is longer as the modern technology and medical advancement render the tendency of increasing life expectancy. Consequently, the need of more savings is clear as the expenditure is also soaring. Annuity insurance application is therefore one of the ways to protect your love. Have you have ever heard of the phrase stating you must love yourself before you love another? Loving yourself means that you can acquire savings consistently and sufficiently for your joyful retirement life. Loving family means that you can acquire savings consistently without being your children’s burden, or causing them troubles when you’re retired. As such, KKGEN Infinite Annuity 88/5 is perfectly suitable for consumers who earn regular income or business owners aged between 20 – 50 years.

The distinctive features of this product are the 3 memorable phrases: Short Payment Period, Quick Annuity Payout and Extensive Return.

Short Payment Period: Annuity insurance scheme that requires the premium payment only for 5 years.

Earn Quickly: Annuity insurance scheme that pays you right after your retirement at the age of 55 years.

Extensive Return: Annuity insurance scheme that delights you by giving the payout extensively up to the age of 88 years.

KKGEN Infinite Annuity 88/5 gives the coverage with the premium starting only from 100,000 Baht to receive the annual annuity at 15% of the sum insured as on the date of full policy year that the insured reaches the age of 55 years and lasts until the age of 88 years. The total benefit is up to 510% of the sum insured. In case where the insured passes away before receiving the annuity, the coverage will be given up to 110% of the paid premium or surrender value depending on which one has the higher value. In case where the insured passes away during the annuity payment period, the Company guarantees the lump sum payment of 15-year of annuity and shall make the payment equivalent to the present value of the unpaid annuity for the complete 15 years. Moreover, KKGEN Infinite Annuity 88/5 is the new product developed by the joint effort between Kiatnakin Bank and Generali to serve the modern lifestyle that prefer not to be bound with long-term obligations and to meet the need of the target group’s longevity in the future. Above all, anyone can apply for this insurance policy from now on for the better future. Generali … Protect Your Love.